Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mancala For Kids Game Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed a puzzle from GEEBEE Marketing Inc.'s Black Heritage Series during February since it was Black History Month.   Recently they sent me Mancala For Kids to review.
This game is suitable for children 6 and up.  It includes 48 animal-shaped game pieces, a solid wood hinged playing board, and illustrated instructions. 

The origin of Mancala is debated by historians but its roots are seen in Africa and the Arab world and it is thought to have spread to the Caribbean via the slave trade. 

The board is solid wood and good quality.  The animals are colorful and eyecathcing.  They include lions, fish, dogs, turtles, and elephants.  I liked that the instructions were very detailed and illustrations were provided.  For younger children, you would probably need to play with them a time or two for them to get the hang of the game.  This game would be a fun team game.  Mom and dad could team up with the kids to play against each other for a Mancala Championship game night!  This is a game of strategy and will provide lots of fun for your children and make them use their minds as they play. 


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