Sunday, February 28, 2010

Obama First Family Puzzle Review

Black History Month is wrapping up as February is coming to a close.  GEEBEE Marketing Inc. has a Black Heritage Series of games and puzzles. These can be used anytime not just in Febuary for children to learn about African-American History.  GEEBEE has taken a fun approach to teaching children about African-American culture and key figures.

Puzzles in my family have always brought us together at the table.  My grandfather loves puzzles.  He would put them together and display them for others to admire.  At Thanksgiving, a new puzzle is always produced by my in-laws to put together before dinner.  It is never finished in one sitting.  We would continue to add pieces to the completed puzzle every time we gathered.

This 1000 piece puzzle of the Obama First Family is perfect for family time or for students working on a unit on the presidents.  It contains images from the life of President Obama and his family.  This puzzle is perfect for teens.  For younger children and students, two 24 piece puzzles in the series are also available of the president. 

The puzzle pieces in the Obama First Family Puzzle that my family received fit together perfectly and seemed to be made with a quality cardboard.  None of the puzzle pieces had any peeling which we have had with some cheaper puzzles that we have purchased in the past.

There are other puzzles in the series such as those of Annie Lee's artwork and of famous figures such as Harriet Tubman. Games include Mancala for Kids, I Can Do Anything, The Underground Railroad Game, and the Black Heritage Trivia Game.  If you homeschool or teach in a classroom, GEEBEE also has teacher resources for teachers of children ages 3-11.

Sale: GEEBEE currently has a special where if you buy two Annie Lee or 1000 piece President Obama puzzles, you get one free (one is randomly selected from the collection for the free item).

I was sent an Obama First Family puzzle to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. 


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