Wednesday, February 3, 2010

20 Ways to Say I Love You Without Spending a Penny

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Do you break a sweat just thinking about it?  Are you one of those people who hits the flower shop or candy aisle on the 14th?  Do you try to outdo yourself year after year with gifts from the mall?  Step back.  Here are some free and sentimental ways to tell your sweetie that you love them without spending anything (just your time). 

1.   Make them breakfast in bed even if it is just a bowl of cereal.
2.   Write "I love you" on the bathroom mirror while they are in the shower.
3.   Put notes inside your loved ones clothing drawers or the pocket of their coat.
4.   Make your loved one lunch to take to work.
5.   Warm up their car for them and put a CD in that you made of their favorite songs.
6.   If they listen to a favorite radio program, call and dedicate a song to them.
7.   Say goodbye and hello with a kiss and help them with their coat.
8.   Send them a text message during the day saying that your are thinking about them.
9.   Go for a walk together even if it is just around the neighborhood.
10. Picnic in front of the fireplace or a candlelit dinner after the kids have gone to bed.
11. Watch a movie together with some homemade goodies to munch on.
12. Make a list of all the qualities that you love about them and share them.
13. Go through pictures of the life you have together.
14. Doing something creative: a piece of art, a song, a photo, a poem, or a letter.
15. Give your loved one a foot massage or a back rub (or guys-paint her toe nails).
16. Make up coupons that your loved one can redeem for dinners, alone time, massages, etc.
17. Make them a homemade card (no cheating and buying a store-bought one).
18. Find something from them that has sentimental value to you and pull it out and show it to them and explain why.  Maybe it is something they made for you or even something they bought.  For me it is the first piece of jewelry my husband picked out for me.  He always had help picking things out. Reminisce together.
19. Say I love you and look into their eyes when you say it.

These are just simple ways to say "I love you" and I love the time we spend together.  What are some of your favorite (and free) ways that you show your loved one how much you care?

Oh and I didn't forget #20.
20. Dedicate your blog post to your sweetie.  (I love you cute boy!)


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That was really sweet!! I usually make something for my husband, but this year I am kind of stuck.

I do have a post for the 12th, maybe that will work?!

Autumn Twig said...

ooh I love this post :) I've been thinking about Valentines. Dropped by from SITS, take care :)

Dee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read through some of your posts I LOVED the one for today and I'm going to try some of them =o) thanks for sharing!!

Pamela said...

One year I bought a little blank journal and on each page I wrote a memory. I got the journal at the $1 section of Target. He loved it!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What great idea! I love the picnic by the fireplace.Stopping from SITS!

J. L. W. said...

Pamela-that is such a great idea. I always think gifts form the heart on V-day are the best especially since V-Day is pretty commercial these days. Of course, I would never say no to chocolate or flowers!

Parenting ad absurdum said...

Great ideas. I'm writing a short story for my husband about how we met... Good motivation for me to write and romantic gift for him as well :).

Mrsblogalot said...

I loved these!!!! So perfect!

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Thanks for sharing this list. I might use some of these! :-)

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

mom2three said...

awwe! Great list!

Miranda said...

Wonderful ideas - can't wait to give them a shot (might start early!!)

Gotcha from SITS, ;)


Andrea said...

Those are great ideas. Someone told me once her daughter gave her a jar for her birthday filled with slips of paper, 100 of them, all reasons why she loves her. I thought that was a great idea!

Michelle said...

Very sweet! I've done a few of these before...I like starting his car and helping him with his jacket. Maybe I should do that more than V-Day.

Susan Tipton said...

I like this list. My husband is definitely all about back rubs.

LifeasParents said...

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Lourie said...

We don't do anything big for Valentine's Day, but these are great. Just the little things.

J. L. W. said...

Some of you have some really great ideas! I like the idea about filling a jar with reasons why you love someone. I know I am guilty of forgetting the little things and getting caught up in the craziness.

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