Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mommy Race of Soon-to-be Preschoolers

Can you believe that you need to register your little ones NOW for pre-k in the fall?!?!?!  At some preschools, it may already be to late to get in. 

I just left a message this morning at a local preschool that had been highly recommended by no less than six or seven moms.  My daughter is turning 3 at the end of August and I think it will be good for her to learn and socialize with other little ones in a structured setting. Hearing the raving of the moms of current and former students of this pre-k certainly helped put my mind at ease about sending her.

My heart skips a beat thinking about her going off to school for the first time-without me. 

I wanted to be that nonchalant mom enrolling her daughter in pre-k who didn't talk the administer's ear off with how I am preparing my daughter academically and socially (as if pre-k determines whether your kid is going to be a success or a failure in life), no tears (on my part), and no racing to her office to sign the forms in the need to have two hours of peace all to myself (hallelujah, start the party).

She called back before lunch.  After she explained how their day was set up and the times, I told her I was very interested and how did we proceed from there.  She mentioned that paperwork was involved.  If you know me-paperwork is what sits in pretty piles in a basket on my husband's desk to make the room look authoritative and businesslike.  I told her she could drop them in the mail.  Yes, folks, I was successfully that laid back parent nonchalantly enrolling my daughter in pre-k.

And then the words came spewing out, "I know classes can fill up fast..."

She replied, "yes, they do.  We only have two spots left."

I'm sure she heard my sharp intake of breath.  I'm sure they heard it in China. 

When she said that they only had two spots open, my adrenalin started to race.  My mind was calculating how long it would take me to get both girls in their winter gear, whether the gas gauge was still on E,  and where the preschool was located exactly (I only have driven past it a hundred times).  I estimated about fifteen minutes even before she could utter a word.

She replied that she was on her way out and that she would be in tomorrow from 8-10 if I wanted to stop by then.  Did I?  Was the sky blue?  Does a poopy diaper stink?

Do you think me sitting in the parking lot waiting for her at 7:45 is to desperate?  No, I wouldn't really do that.  Or would I?  Actually, I will probably make sure I am there at 8 sharp.  I figure that will just make me look punctual.

I feel like I'm in a mommy race.  Who can register their kid faster?  All I want is not to come in last.

Any pre-k advice from you seasoned mommies?

Tomorrow I will be posting an article about activities to do at home with little ones (basically doing a version of pre-k at home).


Miranda said...

I'm VERY interested in tomorrow's post. I don't think my son is ready for school yet, but I still want to teach him school stuff (if that makes sense)


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

My daughter will be 3 in July (sniff) and I got the form last month. I just about died.

However, since I also have a 10 yr old and have "been there and done that" I didn't even make lunch I filled out that form so fast!

I wanted a certain time and day and know how quick they fill up... so I bit the bullet and did it.

Thank goodness it is 7 months from now... (sniff) I just start her with a 3 hour, 1 day a week because she is so little. Then the next year she can do more.

It is exciting and sad at the same time because I know how fast it all goes by once they start school.

Oh and one more thing... I was so worried with my first girl that she wouldn't know anything and boy was I wrong! I prepped her for nothing. Basically if they can walk and talk, they are good to go!

Melissa said...

Good luck! Hayden has been going to a mother's day out since he was 18-months-old (Fall of 2008). I was in desperate need of some me-time. At first, he was on te wait-list for the class. I cried. I needed him to go. He HAD to get in. Fortunately, someone moved and he got in. No other spots came open that year.

This Fall he will be in the 3-year-old class (we "registered" him about 2 weeks ago and I have yet to hear whether he got in the Monday-Wednesday-Friday class that we want to get him into or the Tuesday-Thursday class).

Either way, he will be fine. He loves "school" and it's good for me too.

Anywho... good luck with your daughter! I am sure it will all work out in the end!

hypermom said...

Good luck! Hope she gets a spot :)

mom2three said...

oh my gosh, I am so glad I actually don't have to worry about this until next year! It is insane how fast spots fill up for prek, especially the good ones!

Shell said...

I had a big headache with preschool this year b/c we moved in November, so we had to find a school that would take both my 3 year old and my 4 year old. Most places were super snotty about it and said that they did registration in January for the following year and filled up then.

Geez, what happens when you move?

Luckily, I found a wonderful school for my boys. They have pre-registration next week for current families and then it opens to the public the week after that. Most of them do it that way, so once you're in, you're good!

B Sparkly said...

I got a award for you at my blog!

Lourie said...

I don't have any words of wisdom. I am hoping to be able to send my son to preschool in the fall. That is if finances are better. I will be looking forward to tomorrow's post.

J. L. W. said...

I know isn't it crazy? I can't imagine moving and then trying to find a school. We have lived here for about 4 years and I belong to a MOMS club. Everyone had advice on schools to check out. One of the schools that I was looking at has already filled up and only has a waiting list.

Shell, your right about it being nice that once your in your in. I just found out tonight that a friend's daughter is going to be in the same school on the same days as my daughter so she will have a friend with her.

Mrsblogalot said...

Thank everything that was holey that my son was not required to go to pre-k. But I am still always struggling to not come in last also(-;

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