Friday, February 12, 2010

Show Yourself Some Mommy Love

We have a tendency as moms to make sure everyone else's needs are being met often in lieu of our own.  Making sure hubby has clean underwear (that is probably the only thing that is clean in the laundary room) and that the kids are fed a healthy breakfast (whether that is pancakes or Trix depending on what you can get your children to eat) often takes precedence over us taking more than five minutes to ourselves. 

Here are some ways to show yourself some mommy love:

1. Smell a favorite scent.  For some reason just the smell of my favorite perfume provides a lift.
2. Light a candle and sit and watch the flickering flame.  There is something soothing about just taking a few minutes to do nothing. It can be restorative.
3. Exercise.  It will get your adrenaline flowing.  Your muscles and heart will thank you.
4. Read a book.  Get lost in another world and forget about your to-to-list.  Okay, reading an entire book may not be realistic but read a magazine cover to cover in one sitting or even the newspaper.   If you have forgotten what that is like, your not alone.  Check out An Ode to the Lifestyle Section.
5. Take a nap.  Who couldn't use a midday snooze (especially if the kids are out for the count to).
6. Forget the laundry, the dusting, and the toilet bowl that needs to be scrubbed.  Strap the kiddos in the stroller and go window shopping.  Or, if your snowed in (like many of us this week), lock yourself in a room and go window shopping online.
7. Dress up in makeup and heels and treat yourself to lunch, even if it is at McDonald's with the kids.  At least you'll feel sexy sitting there in Playland and you'll be the best dressed momma there. 
8. Go for a drive.  I love to drive in the car even with the little ones in the backseat.  The monotony of driving seems to get my creative juices flowing.
9. Meet up with some friends.  There is nothing better than enjoying the company of other women.  It's even better if there is wine involved.  Again, if your snowed in you can conference your friends on the phone and chat or have your own little twitter party online.
10. Take five, or ten, or an hour to write on your blog.  It doesn't matter if your ranting, raving, or reassuring it is good therapy for whatever ails you.  Ask any mommy blogger.
11. If you enjoy crafts, take time to devote to your crafty side.  Finish that project that you put aside.  For me that would be my scrapbooking.
12. Do a puzzle or a crossword to exercise your mind. 
13. You pick a movie or your favorite tv show and sit through it uninterrupted.  Let your hubby watch the kids and be in charge of their nighttime routine.
14.Take a class.  Check out the offerings at the local Y, a nearby community center, or the local community college.  Broaden your horizons.

At least one of these things is guaranteed to take you to a happy place. Best of all, they are all free or relatively inexpensive ways to shower yourself with some "mommy love".

Happy Valentine's Day, Moms!


hypermom said...

Thanks for the reminders :) We often do forget about ourselves.

Clairity said...

Great tips. I'm all for No. 3 :)

Angie said...

I totally need to make an effort more mommy time! You've inspired me to try today!

Chrissie said...

They are great tips!

I'm a new Friday Follower :)

Lisa said...

Came over from Friday Follow!!

I love the list, especially #13:) it hardly ever happens!

Mrs. Addison said...

All very good ideas - thanks for the reminder! I need to start setting aside a time for writing instead of doing it at midnight when everyone else is asleep and I'm exhausted!

Shell said...

I love to get lost in books or on blogs. Even if my 3 boys are running around like crazy while I do it.

Following you from FF.

A Homeschooling Family said...

Great post! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow.

.Maddie. said...

I live by #8 some

New Friday Follower! ;)

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B Sparkly said...

Happy FF! I'm a new follower can't wait to read some more of your blog.

A Lil Story (Bilslands) said...

Happy FF~ Love the blog =)


Chickenista said...

Happy FF its my first :), it's fun finding all the new cool blogs out there

I'm following you now, I hope you come over for a visit and follow back :)♥♥♥

Lourie said...

You are so right. All too often we forget ourselves. And when we are pampered and feeling good our family benefits as well.

Janine said...

Found you through Friday Follow! Great blog, I'm now a Google Friend Connect Follower! :)

Visiting from My Kids Are Fun!

Sarah said...

These are great tips. Exercise is probably the biggest thing for me. I joined a gym with child care so that I could get my workout in. It's great!!

Theta Mom said...

I love this, great reminders!!!

J. L. W. said...

Thanks, ladies! Wow, I am so excited at all the first timers visiting here. I will be checking out everyone's blogs this weekend.

#3, #4, & 10 are the ones I do the most. They work really good as destressors!

mom2three said...

I love your ideas! It has been awhile since I have read a book...I may leave the kids with the Dada tomorrow and hit the bookstore!!!

Ms Bibi said...

What a wonderful ideas

Following you from Friday Follow!

Tag, you're it....

mom2ahrj said...

loving your blog! i'm another visitor from the friday follow
lists like these sometimes depress me - my hubby is in the military and has been away for most of our marriage - family isn't able to help as much as i'd like so "me" time is a rarity - but what i do is take a leisurely bath everyday - i have the baby monitor on and my older kids watch the youngest one - i also take naps often :-)
i'm signing up to follow your blog and look forward to reading future posts!

Rita A. said...

Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @

Christina Lee said...

That's some great advice!!

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