Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Look at Mommy Jeans

What do you think of when you hear the term "mom jeans"?  Those high-waisted and tapered leg jeans that were sold years over a decade or two ago that are rarely flattering, right.  The jeans that Jessica Simpson and President Obama (at the All-Star game) both were accused of wearing last year.

That isn't what I'm referring to though.  I am referring to any jeans worn by moms. 

At playgroup one day we were discussing the crazy things we collect in our pockets by the end of the day.  Following around an infant and a toddler or any kid for that matter, you pick up anything and everything.  Garbage or dirt on the floor (why bother dragging out the vacuum when you could just pick it up faster), something that your child could choke on (screws that your hubby left on the counter after one of his projects forgetting that your little one now climbs), and that puzzle piece (that has been missing for the last two months that you found under the couch searching for a lego) all find their way into your pockets.

Yesterday, I was reflecting on how my jeans probably resemble something a garbage collector would wear at the end of his shift.  I coudn't even identify some of the spots on my jeans.  How often in the course of the day do your little one's grimy hands clutch your jeans or how often, for the sake of time (that pesky dish towel is not within reach), do you just swipe your hands on your jeans?

Thank goodness I didn't have to run to the grocery store last night or any other errands.  The sad thing is I probably wouldn't have even checked the state of my clothes before running out.  Guilty, as charged.


Lourie said...

I laughed all through this! Why because I am guilty of this too. Here are some items I have collected: cars, leggos, ponytail holders, Littlest Petshops, barbie shoes and or clothes, pens, polly pockets and her accessories--talk about small!!! And don't even get me started with the stuff hubby leaves lying around! UGH! LOL. Great post.

More than a Mom said...

When I think of "mom jeans" I think of baggy high waisted things that make your butt look huge - no matter how big or little it is! And I refuse to think that I will EVER be one of those moms- even though I TOTALLY am now! Oh well. :)

Shell said...

I never have any clue what the heck is on my jeans any more. And I see no point in changing, since that would just create more laundry.

Ms Bibi said...

When I think of "mom jeans" I think of one hockey mom I know. She wears the most unflattering jeans knows to women.I think she bought 20 of them at the same time because in 8 years I known here it's always the same style, brand and color.

My boys are bigger now, so my jeans are pretty decent again,lol.

hypermom said...

I used to have mommy jeans. I once stuck a matchbox truck on one of my pockets and forgot about it. When I sat down, ouch!! mwahahaha

Mrs. Addison said...

This is oh so true. I am guilty of wearing high-waisted jeans (to suck in my gut, LOL) but I wear long shirts over them. I stick stuff in my pockets ALL the time, though. I always have to make sure & clean them out before they hit the washer!

J. L. W. said...

I remember my mom wearing these jeans. In fact she still does. Her reasoning is that they still look new and they are comfortable.

I know many who frown on the low-waisted jeans today. I've taken to wearing longer shirts with these jeans. If you bend over (which you do frequently with kids) I always worry that people may see more skin than you would like them to see.

Shell-that's great thinking. I totally agree and not just because I don't like to do laundry. Okay, that is why.

Hypermom-I have done that to but with doll accesories. I stopped putting things in my rear pockets because I did it several times. I guess I'm a slow learner.

J. L. W. said...

Lourie-that would be a fun post. Who could come up with the craziest thing that they have had in their pocket at the end of the day or who has had the most stuff in their pockets!

Mrs. Addison-There are some nice jeans that are sold today that are higher waisted that are very flattering. I like the stretchier materials of today's jeans. I think it is combination of higher waists and tapered legs that can be unflattering. I could never wear tapered leg pants since I have wider hips (I always looked ridiculous) and this made finding jeans in high school incredibly difficult. I always looked awkward.

Then there are those people who can wear anything and look good. Darn it, I wish I was one of them. Honestly, I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable in. That is the most important thing.

mom2three said...

Mom jeans...haha! I am so guilty of rubbing crap on my time actually I wiped butt creme on my the butt of my jeans and went out..Im a mom what can I say?!

Chelle said...

Totally guilty over here! My pants are notorious for being crap magnets. Stickers on my butt, random food particles, drinks spilled, spit up, probably even tears and snot.



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