Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baskets, Baskets, Everywhere: Part Deux

Thank you for the great response to the "Baskets, Baskets, Everywhere: Using Baskets to Organize Your Home" post!  You asked, I responded.  Here are pics of how I use baskets in my home.

Keep in mind that using baskets to organize does not mean you have to sacrifice style.  There are a lot of different types of baskets out there in a variety of price ranges.


 This basket is what I use for parties and get-togethers for utensils and napkins.  I believe I purchased it at a garage sale.

This is a basket I put on the shelf in my pantry.  I empty boxes or bags of food  that are almost out and put them in this basket to save on shelf space.  Baskets like this can be picked up at dollar stores inexpensively.


Here is an example of how to store rolled towels for guests so that they are easily accessible.

I store toiletries for guests in a basket.  I store it under the sink and can pull it out when I have guests.  I did this recently after purging outdated toiletries from the drawers in the guest bathroom.  This way everything is in once place and guests don't have to search for items. I recycled the basket.  I had gotten it as a gift as part of a Johnson & Johnson baby product gift set when my oldest daughter was born.


This is our "sock basket" for the single socks that always seem to find their way into the laundary.  As you can see, I wait until it is full to sort through it!   I went with a more feminine basket since its in my closet.  I use the same style basket for all of my wallets, purses, travel soap holders, travel jewelry organizer, and travel toothbrush holders.

Living Room/Family Room

I use this basket style bowl for decorative items such as cinnamon scented pinecones in the winter.

In our family room, our daughter's Snow White cooking set items are contained in a basket to cut down on the clutter and to keep from losing all of the little pieces.

Our daughter's CDs are stored in this Longenberger basket.

I store magazines in a tall basket from Pier 1 and I also use a metal firewood basket for magazines.

In our living room, I store toys in these baskets that I picked up at Kohl's.  Originally I had used wicker baskets but I had worried about them being within my oldest daughter's reach when she started to crawl because she would move them and little pieces of wicker would break off.  I found these and they are perfect for living spaces with young children.  I'm not sure what the fabric material is made of  but they are not wood and they are easy to clean.  The frame is a coated metal.  They are also very durable.  Fabric bins are also good to use for storage if you have young kids.

Note: If your wondering why our coffee table is against the wall, I have one word for you: toddler.


This is the garbage can in my husband's office.  My husband did not buy this, I did, of course.

I doubt any explanation is needed for these woven magazine holders.


I just picked this Moses basket up for $20 at Ross.  It is perfect for storing my daughter's stuffed animals and we can move it easily.


These Rattique storage baskets (I think I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond) hold our gloves, hats, mittens, and scarves on the table in the hall between our kitchen and the garage.  This way they stay off of the floor.


TMB said...

these look like pictures of my sister and moms house! they LOVE baskets hehe

mom2three said...

oh my gosh, you do have a lot of baskets!!! I love them too though and love the idea about the moses basket, your basket looks like it fits so much ;)

J. L. W. said...

Until I wrote these posts, I didn't know how many baskets I had! Keep in mind some of them are out of sight (such as the ones in the closets and the kitchen) most of the time. I do really like baskets though. Can you tell I love to organize?

Clairity said...

Your baskets are really nice. I love baskets too and used to line them myself :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have baskets everywhere too.

Fifi Flowers said...

Baskets can come in handy for so many rooms and things!

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